Importing Maths Online Data from the Insight Platform

Step 1: Make sure you have exported all the data you would like to import

Please refer to the Export section in the manual found here

Step 2: Download the MOI Template from the SPAplatform

1) Login to your SPAplatform account from

2) Naviagte to Support-> Download Templates

3) Make sure you choose the correct Template (Make sure its MOI Insight)

4) Click Download

Step 3: Open the Template File

Step 4: Open the Export file from the insight platform

Step 5: Select all the student Data only! IMPORTANT

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are only selecting the student data not not any of the other rows. we only want the student data not the headings. Make sure you select all the data right to the end from A-1 though to I-4

1) Make sure you only select from the student name down

2) Make sure you select the data from A-0 all the way through to I-4. You Don't want to miss any students data.


Step 6: Copy the Data

There are a number of ways to copy data in excel,

1) You can simply press Ctrl-C on Windows or Command-C on a Mac

2) With the data you want highlighted select File->Copy from the menu system

3) Or simply right click anywhere on the data and select Copy


Choose what ever method you're comfortable with.

Step 7: Past the data into the Template file. IMPORTANT

Important note: Make sure you paste the data into our template file into Column D row 5. DO NOT paste it into the other columns. And DO NOT remove any headings or the file will not be recognised by the importer.

Step 8: Fill out ALL required Columns

The export unfortunately does not contain all the information we need. Hopefully this changes in the future but is out of our hands. You will need to manually fill in the details for all students in Column A and B.

1) The Date the test was done (it does not matter if tests where done on different days or over a few weeks) Enter a date sometime in Semester 1 or Semester 2 depending on what data you are importing.

2) Fill in the Year Level of the student WHEN they sat the test. This is important if you are exporting all data. Do no enter them as a year 7 if they where a year 6 student when they sat the test. This is important for back filling data if you are exporting and importing old data into the system.

3) OPTIONAL: Enter the Home Group the child was in when they sat the test. This is an optional field, but including it will let you filter via this home group once inside SPAstandard.

Step 9: Repeat for all other Classes you would like to import

You can use the same Excel template for all the other classes you would like to import. You DO NOT need to have a different file per home group or year level. So long as you have filled in the correct Data and year level for each child. You could even include their semester 1 and semester 2 data in the one file as long as the dates are correct for those semesters.

Step 10: Upload the data into SPAstandard

Follow the importing instructions found here

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