Maths Online-Exporting Data out of the Insight Platform

Step 1: Login to the Insight Platform

Step 2: Click on Reporting then Reporting HTML

Step 3: Select All Test Types

Make sure you have (All) Selected for "Type" & "Subject" & "Setting"

Step 4: Select Class

Select the Class you would like to export data for. You can only export data one class at a time.

Step 5: Select View Class Profile for Mathematics Online Interview

Make sure you're selecting the Class Profile under the "Mathematics Online Interview" Section and not another test type.

Step 6: Export Results as CSV

1) Select Export

2) Select "Export as CSV (for Excel)

The files will then be downloaded to your computer.

Step 7: Repet Steps 3- 6 for all the other classes you would like to export data for.

Once you have exported all the classes of data, please refer to the instructions on importing Maths Online Interview Data. Found here

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