Quick Cohorts & Advanced Student/Cohort Selector

Quick Cohorts

SPAplatform version 1.5.0 includes the new “Quick Cohorts” feature to make marking and analysing groups of students easier and more frictionless than before. Previously it was necessary to create a cohort and populate it with students in order to work on more than one student at once in areas such as SPAmarkbook, but with the Quick Cohorts feature it is now possible to create temporary cohorts “on the fly” with one click.

Advanced Student Selector

One way to use Quick Cohorts is through the new and improved student selector, accessible by opening the ‘Select Cohort or Student’ dropdown in the top right of the window and clicking ‘Choose Student’.

Previously, the student selector allowed you to search for students by name or ID and select any one student to work on. This functionality is still intact, but by clicking the ‘Use As Quick Cohort’ button in the top right, you can also add every student currently visible in the search results to a new Quick Cohort.

Additionally, a ‘Filter Students’ tab has been added via which students may be filtered on several criteria such as year level or gender. Again, clicking the ‘Use As Quick Cohort’ button will create a new Quick Cohort containing every student that is visible using the current set of filters.

  • Note: The ‘Use As Quick Cohort’ button will be disabled if no search terms or filters have been selected.

Advanced Cohort Selector

The cohort selector is also accessible through the ‘Select Cohort or Student’ dropdown in the top right corner of the window, by clicking ‘Choose Cohort’.

As before, you can select any one cohort to work on by clicking the ‘Select’ button next to that cohort. With the Quick Cohorts feature, it is also possible to work on several cohorts at once by combining them into a Quick Cohort - simply click the ‘Select Multiple’ button and then click the ‘Add’ button next to each cohort you wish to include.

When you are finished, click the ‘Use As Quick Cohort’ button in the top right to create a new Quick Cohort containing every student in the cohorts selected.

  • Note: You must have at least one cohort selected to create a new Quick Cohort. Creating a Quick Cohort will not affect the cohorts used to create it.

You can further filter the students in the cohort(s) selected by using the ‘Filter Selection’ tab. Once you have set the desired criteria you can then click the ‘Use As Quick Cohort’ button to create a new Quick Cohort with all students currently visible in the results.

  • Note: The ‘Filter Selection’ tab will only be available after activating the ‘Select Multiple’ button and selecting one or more cohorts.

Clear Selection Button

You can now quickly deselect the student or cohort you are working on by clicking the small ‘x’ next to ‘Now Working On’ in the top left of the window.

To return to the previous selection, click on it from the ‘Select Cohort or Student’ dropdown.

Using Quick Cohorts With SPAmarkbook

Quick Cohorts can be used in SPAmarkbook in the same way as regular cohorts. Simply create a Quick Cohort with the students you wish to mark or analyse and those students will be shown in the interface.

Using Quick Cohorts with SPAstandard

SPAstandard results will now be filtered based on the student or cohort selected. To view results only for a specific student or cohort, select that student or cohort via the ‘Select Cohort or Student’ dropdown, or create a new Quick Cohort containing the students you wish to view.

To view results for all students in the system, click the ‘Clear Selection’ button as above.

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