Importing data to the new SPAstandard

In this section you are going to learn how to import your NAPLAN data into SPAstandard

Step 1: Sign into your SPAplatform account

Login to your SPAplatform account to get started. You will need to be an account administrator in order to see the upload menu to upload data. If you're not an account administrator you will need to request to become and admin by one of your admin users or you need to ask one of your admin users to upload the data for you.

Step 2: Open the Import Data option

Step 3: Upload your data

You can either Drag & Drop your data files on the drag & drop section of the page or click "Browse" to choose the files on your computer. You can drag & drop multiple files at once or select multiple files from your computer.

1. Drag & Drop files here

2. Click Browse to select the files on your computer.

Step 4: Verify files

The new importer is very powerful and can help you identify issues in your files before you even upload them.

In this example all of your data files have been verified and identified. In this case our files are all okay and we can proceed with the import. To continue click on "Continue with import" and jump to Step 7 in this section.

Step 5: Identifying issues with files

In this example we can see the our 2016 NAPLAN Year 3 file has an error in it. As you can see on the right the File error log is telling us exactly what is wrong with the file and where in the file the issue is.

You can see this is very powerful and will really help you find errors and fix the file. In the example all we need to do is open the file on your computer,  look in row 2 and input the students missing iD number. You then would simply save the file and try uploading it again.

As you can see you can continue to import. But the importer will ignore all files that have errors in them. They will be skipped.

Step 6: Importing your files

Once you click on the Import button your files will begin to upload into the system. You can see the status of each file as it is uploaded into the system. Depending on how big the file is and your internet connection speed the upload times will vary but are generally pretty quick. For example these 4 files took about 1 min to upload and finish processing into the system.

Once all your files have uploaded successfully you will see the following screen.

That's it! Your data has now been uploaded and is ready for you to start analysing. If you have uploaded all your data you can stop here and start analysing. If you need to upload more files you can simply repeat the steps above until all your files have been uploaded.

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