Have you got new teachers at the school?

If you have new teachers in your school this Semester, then you will firtsly need to add them as users to the SPAplatform. Then you will need to assign them to their classes. 

Step 1: Invite the new teacher

First you will need to follow the steps to invite the teacher/s to the SPAplatform. You will need to ensure they have accepted their invitation first before you can move onto the next step.

Option 1: Manually add the teacher to their classes

This section explains how to manually add a teacher to their classes. 

Go to the section Manually Add/Edit/Remove a Teacher Assigned to the Class

Option 2: Using Cohort Import File to Assign Teacher to their Classes

If manually assigning the new teacher/s to their classes is too onerous, then you can update your cohort-import file and re-upload it to SPAplatform. 

Hopefully you have kept a copy of your cohort import file from Semester 1, so that you dont have to start from scratch. Follow the appropriate link below to be reminded of how to fill in this Excel file.

Primary Schools- Go here

Secondary Schools- Go here


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