Do you have new students?

If you only have a few new studnets then we would recommend adding them manually to the system following the instructions below. However, If you have a signifigant number of new students we would recommend re-uplaoding your studnet import file.

Step 1: Manually add the Student to the SPAplatform

Follow the link to the instructions below to manually add a new student 

You will need to have the following information prepared to input enough detail about the student.

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Middle Name (optional)
  4. Preferred Name (optional)
  5. Student ID number (eg-CASES, SAS, School ID number)
  6. VSN number (optional for Victorian government & independent schools, essential for Catholic Schools)
  7. REGISTARTION Number (essential for Victorian Government schools)
  8. Gender
  9. Birthdate
  10. Will the student need an EAL report?
  11. What classes the student is in
  12. ATSI status (Aboriginal Tores Strait Islander)
  13. PSD status (funded disability)

Manually add a student

Step 2: Manually add the Student to their cohorts

Once you have completed step 1, you can now follow the link to the instructions to manually add a the new student to their cohorts (ie- Home group, Year level and Specialist classes)

Manually add a student to thier cohorts

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