Report Template Design Overview

As explained in the SPAreporter workflow, in phase 3 a report run will need to have a report design template associated with it. Designing report templates has a number of structural layers to it. The images below explains the structural overview of how the report template fits together.

The SPAreporter program has been designed to be as flexible as possible for you. We allow you to create as many reports runs as you would like. These can be Term by Term or Semester by Semester or even a Full Year report. How you set these reports up is up to you. It is a requirement that schools provide two written reports home to parents each year. These are traditionally sent out at the end of each seamster, however, each school can decide when to write these reports.

Each time your begin a new report, we call this a REPORT RUN. Each report run can contain multiple FORMATS. For example you might have one format for most students in your school, and a separate format for students with an individual Learning Plan. Each format contains a series of SECTIONS or pages.  Each section contains a series of items that make up that section. These items are what will appear on the printed report. Overall these four structural layers makes up a single report run. We will explain in more detail these structural layers in the chapter Phase 3 & 4 Designing a Report and Assigning Cohorts and Classes. It is interesting to note that once schools have designed their report template, this template can be copied an re-used for other report runs in the future.

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