Silverlight not working on Google Chrome

Google has deprecated Sliverlight in Google Chrome. As of September this year it will no-longer be supported by Google Chrome. We at SPA knew this was coming, which is one of the reasons we are rewriting SPAstandard.

Untill then you can still use Chrome to access SPA by following these simple steps. It should not take more then a minute to do.

This will only work on Chrome for PC. If you use a MAC, we recommend using Safari or Firefox.

Loading Flags Menu

Loading Flags Menu

Type into your address bar the below and press ENTER


Enabling NPAPI

Enabling NPAPI

Click Enable

Relaunch Chrome

Relaunch Chrome

Click Relaunch Now

This will restart Chrome. Once it has restarted you can Login into SPAstandard by your usual way.

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    Michelle Buckley

    Thanks Ill let you know how it goes.

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