Creating the SPAtracker student ID tracker template

Creating the Student ID file for use in SPAtracker

You will need to create a new Advanced Student ID tracking file in order to use the new SPAtracker module

You will find the template needed for this attached to your welcome email when you purchased the SPAtracker or you can download this file from the Instruction Manuals/Templates section from within the SPA software.



Step 1: Open the Student ID tracker Template

Step 1: Open the Student ID tracker Template

Once you have downloaded the template you will need to open it and have it ready so that you can import the required information into it.

Step 2: Filling out the Student and Class Details

You will need to enter all required information into the workbook in order to use the module successfully

Step 3: Manage Students

Step 3: Manage Students

The following information is required for the Manage Students workbook. This part of the workbook will be used to import all of your student’s details. This section is very straightforward and self-explanatory but please pay attention to the correct format of data entry. Examples of this can be seen below in red with their corresponding heading.


3a: Managing Classes (composite classes and advanced class filters)

There are two was to input class information.

  1. If your child only has one class then you would simply enter the class they are in into the required class column. For example 4B or 3/4B for a composite class etc
  2. If your child is in multiple classes such as english and history and art etc, there are two options:

Classes Option 1:

Classes Option 1:

Enter each class the child is apart of separating them by a comma As you can see in the example above. 7B, ENG01, History4

Classes Option 2:

Classes Option 2:

Enter each class the child is apart of into a new column but make sure you replace the {filter} with the work Class. Make sure the word Class is written exactly the same in each column. This will make sure that inside the system all these Classes are joined into the same filter option. If you had one as Class and one as Classes for example you would end up with two different filter options for classes.

Step 4: Fill out the Advanced Filters (Optional)

Step 4: Fill out the Advanced Filters (Optional)

You can add any filter options for the children you might like to use here. You simply replace the "{filter}" with a filter you would like to add.

There are a few different options here.

1. Example 1: if you would like to add reading recovery filter options so that you can view those students you would replace "{filter}" with "Reading Recovery" and then put "Yes" or "No" next to each of the students to indicate if they are or are not in reading recovery.

2. Example 2: Let's say you have students in particular groups. Ie- You would like to filter all the Year 5/6 students into one group. Replace {filter] with {Combined Year Levels}. Then next to each student input in the combined year level combination. Ie- 5/6 or 3/4 or 1/2 ect. (Hint- Sort the data inside excel so that you can quickly identify and fill down the labels, rather than hand type for each student.)

You can create as many filters as you like, it all depends on how you would like to sort your students inside the software.

Step 5: Save the template

Once you have finished adding all of the required information to the template you can now save the template to a location on your computer where you will be able to find it easily.

Make sure you DO NOT change the file format of the template. It needs to stay as an xls document. You DO NOT need to convert it to a CSV file.

Step 6: Upload the Template to your SPA account

You are now ready to upload the template to your SPA account.

If you are unsure how to upload files to your account please refer to the file upload instructions found in the SPA getting started manual or If you are viewing this manual online here.

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