Setting up Student Tracker

The first Job to begin setting up SPA is to create a student tracker file. This file is a look up file for the SPA software. The file will contain a list of all your current students, along with their student ID number, DOB, year level, home group, subject class etc... This data is all accessible through your schools administration package such as CASES, Infoma, SAS etc... You will find more detailed instruction on how to prepare this data, within the preparing data section of this document.

**You must only ever have one student tracker file stored in SPA at a time. Having more than one student tracker file uploaded into SPA confuses the system as it does not know which student information you would like to filter your students by.

Each year/semester, you will need to update this file to ensure you have students listed in their current year level, home group, grades etc. If you do not update this file at least once a year, your staff will be unable to filter and sort by their current grades.

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