What Data can go into SPA

SPA is a summative assessment tool. The data that goes into SPA needs to be able to be benchmarked against normed scores. Therefore only tests that are programmed into SPA can be uploaded. New tests are continually being added into SPA, so ensure you read the SPA homepage regularly to ensure you know what new tests have been added to SPA’s analysing capabilities. Currently for our Victorian Customers, the list below describes all tests that can be entered into SPA.


NAPLAN Data Including:

  • Outcome &
  • Question Level Data

ACER tests including :

  • PAT-R 4th Ed.
  • PAT-M 3rd Ed.
  • PAT-M Plus
  • PAT-M 4th Ed.
  • PAT-Maths/I can do maths
  • SWST
  • SA Spelling

Marie Clay Observation Survey Tasks:

  • Letter Id
  • Concepts of Print
  • Word Reading
  • Writing Vocab
  • Hearing & Recording Sounds in Words

Running Record text levels benchmarks including:

  • PM
  • Fountas & Pinnell
  • AlphaAssess

Mid-year and end-of year “Teacher Judgement” Report data

On-Demand AusVels adaptive tests

Maths Online Interview MOI/MAI

VCE Report 17 (achieved vs. predicted scores)

(Up to date May 2014)

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