What Data can go into SPAplatform?


SPAstandard is a summative assessment tool. The data that goes into SPA needs to be able to be benchmarked against normed scores. Therefore only tests that are programmed into SPAstandard can be uploaded. New tests are continually being added into SPAstandard, so ensure you read the SPAstandard homepage regularly to ensure you know what new tests have been added to SPAstandard's analysing capabilities.

SPAstandard Tests Available to Victorian Schools

  • Teacher Judgment ‘report’ marks
  • OnDemand new VicCurriculum adaptive tests
  • Maths Online Interview (MOI)through Insight Platform
  • VCE achieved vs. predicted scores


SPAmarkbook is a formative assessment tool. Therefore its focus in on what skills studnet have and dont have. Often these types of tests are teacher developed and do not have benchmarks. Teachers can build any assessment into SPAmarkbook to show the skills, knowledge & understandings students have and to calculate an effect size grwoth between assessments.


  • SPAtracker currently pulls data from the SPAstandard module to analyse multiple tests side by side. We will work towards also bringing SPAmarkbook assessments into SPAtracker too in the future.
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