Transferring your data from the old SPAstandard to the new SPAstandard

In this section you are going to learn how to start transferring your data off the old silverlight verison of SPAstandard and into the new HTML5 version on the SPAplatform.

Step 1: Login to your old Silverlight SPAstandard account

Navigate to Administration -> Upload your Data

Step 2: Download your Data

2A) Click on the Download Data button

2B) Choose where you would like to save the download

Step 3: Wait for the Zip file to populate with your data.

The download will create a zip file in your save location. In this file will be all of the data you have uploaded into the old version of SPAstandard. The download uses a special download method to create the original files you uploaded. It can take awhile for the download to finish so please be patient. The zip file will show as 0KB or Zero Bytes until it has finished downloading. You will know it's completed once the file size has changed. If you have any trouble at all with this download please contact or call support on 03 8658 2151 and we will be happy to download all your data for you.

Before Download has finished

After download has finished

Step 4: Unzip the file

Once your file has unzipped you will see a folder with all your original data files in in

Now that you have exported all your old data you can begin importing it into the new SPAstandard. Please see the section in the manual on importing your data to find out more on importing your specific data files.

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