Exporting Student Data out Of SASS

In this section we are going to learn how to export the data need for the student ID file from inside SASS.

Step 1: Log into SASS

Step 2: Click on the People Tab

Step 2: Click on the People Tab

1. Click "People"

2. Click "Export & Merge"

3. Click "Enhanced Export"

Step 3

Step 3

Step 3: Save the file as an Excel 97-2003 .xls format.

Save the file onto your computer making sure to keep it in the Excel 97-2003 .xls format.

You are now ready to paste the information into the required template and upload this file to SPA.  The required template will depend on whether you are using SPAtracker, SPAmarkbook or SPAstandard

Please see the uploading your data section of this manual. Or if you are viewing these instructions online, click here

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    Missing Step 4, you have 2 x Step 3's

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    Rowan Holmes-Smith

    Thanks for pointing that out Kconnell. We will get this fixed up straight away.

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