What should i do first, when moving our school across to the new system?

If you're a new client to SPAstandard then you simply need to follow the instructions around upload data into the system. You can ignore everything to do with migrating over from the old system.

If you are an existing client who had the silverlight version of SPAstandard then you have a few option.

  1. You can follow the instruction on migrating your data over to the new system. 
  2. You can migrate some of your data over and start fresh with other data.
  3. You can start completely fresh from scratch with the new system. This is recommended to schools who's data they feel might have got out of hand with the old system and they would like to start fresh with the new platform. The old silverlight version will continue to run for another 12-18months so you will still be able to access your old data. 

It's up to you and your school to decide what you would like to do. But don't forget we are always happy to help you. Please feel free to email or call 03 9886 0602 if you would like to discuss your options with us.

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