What to expect in the NEW SPAstandard

The new SPAstandard has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using the latest web technologies and is compatible on all operating systems and modern web browsers. There are even native android and iOS apps available. This means goodbye to Microsoft Silverlight and hello to accessing the SPAplatform on any device (computer, ipad, iphone or any smart phone, tablets) and any web browser including Chrome. (updated web browsers are most effective).

We first released SPAstandard in 2007. After 10 years of producing this software we have learnt a lot and have rebuilt SPAstandard to meet the needs of schools & teachers today and well into the future. 

You will notice in the new version better file validation to ensure cleaner data being imported into your account and loads of new reports for each data set. Plus stay tuned for new tests being analysed within the software.

Lastly, as a company we now have 4 modules available to schools for purchase:





With the introduction of the SPAplatform (the login hub) you can now accsess all these modules in the one place. So, if you only have one/some of our modules, now would be a great time to investigate adding more SPA software into your school. (* Please note SPAtracker has not been integrated into the SPAplatform yet, but will be available early 2018).

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